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We are meet as a Church Family 10am & 7pm Sundays and 7pm Wednesdays.

All our services are located at Rotary House, 12 Story Place, Taupo. Located beside the Museum and Rose Gardens.


You might be wondering what to expect?

Well here is the deal...


There are signs to guide you to the location, and there is plenty of parking.


Each week we like to be as consistent as we can even with the creative ways we like to do the service.

We don’t want you to have any nasty surprises...

We certainly don’t want you to be bored!

We also try and be as creative as possible to make it fun and interactive.

Our heart is for you is to meet with other people and ultimately with God.


We like to Worship God—with contemporary music.

We like to Celebrate special events in peoples lives together.

We like to talk briefly about what is happening with the Church.

We like to give the kids their own programme called Powerzone and Sparkz each Sunday. It is all done in such a way that they enjoy church. No boring Sunday school here!

We like to have a practical message, normally no longer than 30 minutes.

It is designed to give you something you can apply to your life anytime, not just at a service. It is real, relevant and normally a heap of fun. If we can make you laugh...well that is a bonus!

And finally...we like to finish by hanging out drinking a cup of tea or coffee and possibly something to eat before we finish up for the day.


So why not check us out?

We would love to meet you and help you feel welcome.

Rotary House

Sunday 10am/5pm

Wednesday 7pm

In a world swimming with so called experts and purveyors of advice, where do you go for

Good Advice?

In this series Pastor Locky is sharing some advice that he hopes you will find ‘good’ for you and your faith journey. All based on what Gods Word teaches us along with practical steps to live it out

Concluding this September

We are beginning something new for you this Spring...evenings of expository teaching digging the Word a whole lot deeper.

Ben Matsen will be each week leading you through a Book in the Bible.

Come along ready to learn and grow…


Wednesday Evenings at 7pm

All of September